Operator Assisted Conference Call

Operator assisted conference call service fully managed by an expert staff of over 1,700 moderators.  Our rock-solid technology ensures flawless execution and scales up to 10,000+ lines. Professional event facilitators and support personnel help manage your call every step of the way from planning, rehearsal, delivery to follow up.

Why Clients Choose Us For Flawless Operator Assisted Conference Calls

  • Best Price: Our high volume of calls translates to rates that are 40% less, on average, than any other provider. No contract or monthly fee.
  • No Attendee Hold Time: We staff more operators than any other provider, which means your callers do not get frustrated experiencing hold time when joining.
  • Reliable & Flawless Conference Call Execution: 99.9% reliability with the industries most experienced operators execute flawless conference calls. Up to 10,000+ callers supported.
  • Fanatical 24x7x365 Customer Service: It’s our commitment that the last thing any of our customers ever need to worry about is their conference calls. No matter if you’re a one-person shop or a global conglomerate, we do it all, including the worrying, for you. We assign a dedicated account manager and provide responsive 24x7x365 live support.

Operator Assisted Conference Call Features

icons_10Before Your Call

  • Your assigned a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact to assist with anything that you need.
  • Schedule online or by calling our 24x7x365 reservations team.
  • The call leader and the scheduled speakers gather in a Sub-Conference before the call begins to go over the agenda and discuss last-minute updates. The operator will finalize any last minute logistics such as who to turn the call over to, how to pronounce speaker names, Q&A, etc.
  • The operator(s) can gather any necessary information (e.g., name, affiliation, etc.) and place them into the call. The participants hear music (or custom announcement) until you are ready to start.
  • International access is available from 107 countries worldwide.
  • Communique operators can dial-out to attendees anywhere worldwide.

icons_12 During Your Call

  • All operators are voice talent trained and perform a professional speaker introduction. You can use the standard introduction script or customize as you’d like. You can provide an approved attendee list (optional) to make sure only certain approved attendees can join.
  • A dedicated communications line can connect the operator handling the call to a point of contact at your location for instant support access.
  • The call can be open or is conducted in Lecture Mode where all participant lines are muted during the presentation to reduce background noise and minimize interruptions.
  • When audio just isn’t enough, we give you the tools to add visual elements to your event through webcasting. Our event mangers will provide you the training and support to so you don’t have to worry about the technology.
  • Once the presentation has concluded, the operator can administers a Q&A session unmuting individual attendee lines for questions.

icons_14 After Your Call

  • An attendee report is emailed immediately following the call including all of the information gathered from participants as they joined the call.
  • Transcription service is available if you need a written account for use in press releases and news wire services.
  • The call can be recorded for playback via online streaming, MP3, or telephone dial-in. Added information is captured in an online report from those people dialing into the playback providing you with the same information that was collected from the live call participants.

What is an Operator Assisted Conference Call?

Operator assisted conference calls are typically larger-sized conference calls that are managed by a live operator. Also known as moderated conference calling, this conference call service provides improved meeting management with enhanced controls. For more details on what an operator assisted call is, read this article.

When to Use Operator Assisted Conference Calls?

  • Conference calls that have a large number of attendees. Operator Assisted conference call platforms can support a much larger audience vs. an automated conference call service.
  • If you need a participant report (names or other information) of the those that joined the call.
  • If you need a fully managed Q&A session where the operator unmutes individual phone lines for questions for you.
  • When you want personalized operator services for a more polished experience, including custom greetings, Q&A support, and additional in-event support

Why Choose Communique for Your Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Conference with Confidence

Experience matters. Communique is the global operator assisted conference call leader. With 99.99% up time, 24/7 support, and over 1,700 operators on staff, you can rely on Communique to execute flawless operator moderated conference calls. Over 34,000 uses in over 34 countries trust Communique for their important conversations.


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