Personalized Conference Call Greeting

Reston, VA – September 12, 2011 – Communiqué Conferencing, Inc., the world leader in audio, web and video conferencing services, today announced today announced a new feature which allows audio conference call leaders to digitally record a custom branded conference call greeting to welcome participants to their conference calls.

The conference organizer can easily record personalized greetings by first pressing 2 on the telephone keypad (to access the leader menu to change default conference options) followed by 5 to record a personal greeting. The custom branded conference call greeting will play for the invited participants welcoming them to the conversation. The administrator has the option to add a default personalized greeting to any and/or all of their conference calls. Personalized Greetings features include:

  • Changing the greeting as often as desired.
  • Recording the greeting easily from any telephone.
  • Feature can be added to any user.

“We’ve been offering company level branding for audio conference calls for several years now,” said Adelphi Kennedy, Director of Corporate Communications, Communique Conferencing. “We’re excited to add personalized greetings as another way for our clients to customize audio conference calls and add an element of professionalism.”

About Communiqué Conferencing

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