Communiqué Conferencing Announces New Online Event Registration Service for Audio, Web and Video Conferences

McLean, VA – May 2, 2008 Communiqué Conferencing, Inc., the world leader in audio and Web conferencing services, announced today the launch of Event Registration – a streamlined online registration system designed for planners and participants of audio, video or Web conferences.

“Event organizers know how difficult it can be to register numerous participants to a Webinar,” said Adelphi Kennedy, Director of Communications for Communiqué. “With Communiqué Event Registration, the process is simplified to reduce administration time, increase attendance and provide a professional experience, all while gathering meeting data for the organizer.”

Communiqué Event Registration also enables meeting organizers to create their own branded registration page for an event, which collects data and information from participants prior to the conference. At the end of the event, meeting organizers receive detailed reports that can be customized to fit their needs.

For event participants, Communiqué Event Registration provides a single homepage to log-in and sign up for a meeting. Attendees enter through the uniquely branded site and are automatically passed into the conferencing session without having to enter their information again. Participants will also receive automatic e-mail confirmations, reminder e-mails and Outlook calendar integration to ensure they won’t forget the event.

Regardless of the conferencing platform used for a meeting or across a series of events, Communiqué Event Registration will store event data in a single repository. Communiqué Event Registration supports multiple languages, a helpful tool for any business conducting global meetings.

“Registration is a key component to running successful online conferencing events,” Kennedy continued. “By adding this service to our conferencing solutions, Communiqué Event Registration lets event organizers and participants get more from their meetings.”

About Communiqué Conferencing
Communiqué Conferencing, Inc. provides premium audio and Web conferencing services to organizations worldwide, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Headquartered in McLean, VA, Communiqué offers best-of-breed audio and Web conferencing technology that is fully integrated, easy-to-use and supported by world-class customer service available 24×7. For more information visit or call 1-866-332-2255.

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