Virtual Learning Platform Launch

Reston, VA – February 6, 2014 – Communiqué Conferencing, Inc., the world leader in conferencing and virtual event services, today announced today announced enhancements to its award-winning Virtual Learning Platform, designed to meet the demands of training as well as recruiting and other human resources applications.

The enhanced platform leverages Communique’s experience providing solutions for Learning and Development (L&D). New functionality and features allow leading companies to create and manage training for global employees, partners and others in an interactive, web-based learning center. The platform blends formal and social learning in an immersive, engaging environment.

The Communique Virtual Learning Environment enables organizations to:

  • Develop custom learning paths with certification;
  • Design an engaging learning experience incorporating multiple learning objects;
  • Enable learning communities and social learning;
  • Make content easy to search and locate; and
  • Track learners’ behaviors, such as activities and interactions with content, people and the learning environment

“Conventional online training is often inflexible and not engaging for people,” said Adelphi Kennedy, Director of Communications at Communique Conferencing. “Communique Virtual Learning Environment provides personalized learning that holds users’ interests. And, unlike traditional online training, our tool creates a rich setting in which to experience training events – enabling organizations and people to realize their business and learning objectives.”

Communique Virtual Learning Platform lets companies customize curriculum for different employees in an organization through online events, webcasts, video conferencing, instant meetings and other forums. Built-in networking and social tools promote social as well as formal learning. The platform was designed for multiple applications within the human resources department. It can be used as a virtual recruiting center to onboard new hires, and to facilitate employee benefits management, providing human resources leaders with a single vehicle that helps manage the entire employment lifecycle.

“The benefits of Communique’s Virtual Learning Environment to our projects have been significant,” said Michelle Bond, Vice President of Campaign Consultation, Inc. “We set out to expand the way our clients think about training while increasing our own corporate capacity and expertise, and Communique has helped us achieve those goals. We reached thousands of volunteers, which would have been impossible using traditional methods. Our audience was fully engaged throughout the event, which we could determine thanks to the platform’s comprehensive reporting and engagement capabilities. Looking ahead, we are excited to make use of the new features like generating custom learning paths and leveraging certification courses.”

About Communiqué Conferencing

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