Reservationless Conference Call Service

Utilizing Dolby Voice® Technology for Stunningly Clear Audio Quality

Communique Reservationless conferencing service offers the convenience of an automated conference call without having to make a reservation. A simple, one-time activation is all it takes to set up your virtual conference call room. Conduct reliable, secure, and clear sounding conference calls instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever you need to conduct your meetings.

Our service utilizes Dolby Voice® technology to deliver exceptional voice clarity and detail while suppressing distracting background noise.

Why Clients Choose Us

  • Best Price: No contract, set up fee or monthly fee
  • 24/7/365 Live Support: Eight global operations centers are staffed to provide local customer support to leaders and attendees before, during or after your call.
  • Most Reliable: Redundant conference call facilities are distributed worldwide throughout seven (7) cities in the United States, three (3) cities in Canada, and six (6) cities international.
  • Web Controls: Start and manage your conference call online. Mute and unmute all or specific participants; Drop a caller; Lock the call to prevent more participants from joining; Record the call and more.
  • Custom Branding: We can private brand your reservationless conference call greeting to promote your company and build your brand as attendees join your calls. Click here to listen to a sample branded reservationless call prompt.

Reservationless Conference Call Manager


View and control your conference calls from your computer or smart phone using our free Call Manager tool. Our easy-to-use interface takes the guess work out of conference calling.

  • Active talker feature indicating which conference call attendee is speaking
  • Mute/unmute attendee lines
  • Online chat
  • Dial out feature available to both the leader and participants
  • Security features (lock/unlock calls)
  • Sub conferencing controls
  • Record and archive calls for playback (also download MP3)

Mobile Phone Integration

Want a simpler way to connect to meetings when you’re on the go? Or do you need an easier way to organize the dial-in numbers and passcodes for several different meetings?

MeetingConnect Mobile Assistant, a free service, gives you one-touch dialing into your conferences from your mobile phone.

  • Store up to 256 unique sets of audio conference details from weekly, recurring meetings to one time calls you need to attend while mobile.
  • Start and join audio conferences with the push of a single button. You no longer need to enter your ten-digit dial-in number, conference code and leader PIN.
  • Join audio conferences as a participant or a leader. You indicate the details when creating your profile.
Mobile Phone Integration

All of the Best Features

Conference Recording

Press *2 to record a meeting or with one click using the online web interface.

Online Call Manager

Maintain total conference call control right from your computer with active talker, mute/unmute, dial out to add participants, break out room control and chat.

Mobile Apps

Host or join conference calls from iPhone, Android or Blackberry device with a single touch or a click.

In-Meeting Customer Service

Communique audio conferencing comes with 24/7/365 *0 operator support across the globe.

Account Management Portal

To easily manage your reservationless conference call account. Add, modify and remove users instantly. View and pay your bill online.

Outlook Integration

One-click conference call scheduling via Microsoft® Outlook.

Project Account Codes

Track calls by cost center, department or location. Account code reporting will appear on your monthly invoice.

24/7 Availability

Our reservationless service enables you to conduct conference calls anytime with up to 300 callers. No need for a reservation.

Multiple Levels of Security

Ensure your meetings are secure with security passcode, lock/unlock, roll call, and entrance/exit options.

Conference with Confidence

Experience matters. Communique is the worldwide conference call service leader. With 99.99% up time and 24/7/365 operator support, you can rely on Communique to for crystal clear sounding calls. For 16 years, Communique has been delivering reliable conferencing services to business, non-profit and government clients. Over 34,000 uses in over 34 countries trust Communique for their important conversations.

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