Skype for Business Video Conference Integration Gateway

Join Legacy Video Conference Gear to Skype for Business Online Meetings

Communique West Video Conference Gateway enables interoperability to connect legacy room-based video conference systems and Microsoft® Skype for Business.

Video conferencing continues to gain popularity; and with the increasing mobility of today’s workforce, business users are joining video meetings from different locations, using different devices and relying on a number of different solutions to get connected. Many enterprises struggle to overcome mixed environments with different video end points, and want to take advantage of infrastructure they’ve already purchased.

With Communique Video Conferencing Gateway (VCG) we have addressed the gaps in technology that present challenges joining Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business meetings with internal and external users, and legacy video conferencing equipment.

Currently Communique VCG is the only solution to enable a native video meeting experience within Microsoft Office 365 / Skype for Business from any endpoint (including legacy video conference endpoints) and offers scheduling, hosting and joining using the standard Skype for Business button in Outlook. The solution makes video conferencing easier to use – anytime, anywhere and from any device – which lessens barriers to adoption and enables enterprises to fully realize their Microsoft Office 365 and previous video conferencing equipment investments.

Benefits of Skype for Business Video Conference Gateway


  1. Connect Any Video Conference Unit to Skype for Business – Communique Video Meeting Gateway lets your Skype for Business users experience HD video, audio, presentation sharing and chat with your legacy video conferencing rooms. Natively supports Skype for Business as well as Lync Online (O365).
  2. Fewer Tools, Better Functionality –With VCG, users have the ability to join Skype for Business meetings from any device, anywhere and at any time, using the standard Skype for Business add-in in Outlook. VCG also supports both dial-in and dial-out functionality. This means users can be called directly, or simply dragged into meetings from a Skype client. Similarly, other video tools can call a Skype for Business user directly via their SIP address. Dial-in access is as simple as following the instructions in your Skype for Business invitation. There is no requirement to jump between separate tools to set up and schedule.
  3. Easy Cloud Implementation – Communique VCG is the perfect solution, whether you’re considering the cloud now or in the future, since implementation is quick and easy. Once implemented, callers can use their conference codes as their meeting identifier, meaning they can join any call from any video device.

How It Works

The Skype for Business video gateway services works by enabling a number or address that forwards to other protocols. For example, an H.323 or SIP based system is able to dial Skype users by dialing The gateway interprets the number or address and uses it to connect you to the intended user or device.

Communique West Video Meeting Gateway provides the technical infrastructure to convert one protocol or standard to another completely in the cloud so you can use your various devices together seamlessly. Rules are established to allow the gateway to automatically connect calls between protocols. These rules tell the gateway how to connect the devices consistently so that your calls always go through as intended.

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Skype for Business Video Conferencing

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