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Cisco WebEx Recording Instructions

WebEx Record & Playback is a free feature that enables recording capabilities to capture any presentation, software demo, or training with synchronized voice recording. These recordings are saved as a local file and can be placed on a CD, your corporate LAN or on your website. Colleagues or customers can then view them at any time.

Or download a printable (PDF) copy to keep as a handy reference. Note: In order to view or print PDF files, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Frequently Asked Questions

View Recording and playback FAQ's

Download WebEx Player for Playback

To download a Player, click one of the following links:

  .WRF file format .ARF file format
Windows Download (Recorder+Player, 4MB) Download (10MB)
MAC OSX Download (Player Only 4MB) Download (9MB)

Streaming Recordings from Your Website

There are two options for hosting a WebEx recording online for replay. You can either upload the recording file onto your website for playback or upload the WebEx recording file to your WebEx account for playback.

  1. Hosting a WebEx recording from your website:
    1. Click here to download instructions to create a recording page on your website and upload the WebEx recording.
    2. Once you've created the recording page and uploaded the WebEx recording you must create a URL that links the recorded file to the playback Web server. Click here to create a URL for playback online.
  2. Uploading a WebEx recording to your WebEx account for online replay:
    1. Go to and logging into your account.
    2. Select the 'My WebEx' tab located on the upper left hand corner of the screen below the Communiqué logo.
    3. Select 'My Files' located on the left hand side menu of the My WebEx screen.
    4. After accessing the My Files section, there will be two white text hyper links located underneath the My WebEx Files header, 'My Documents' and 'My Recordings'. Click on 'My Recordings' to view all recordings save in your account.
    5. From the My Recordings page click the topic of the recording
    6. The 'Download recording link' (long URL) can be placed on your website to play the recording online or you can email the link to people to view.

For 24/7 customer support call us 1-877-812-4501 or 1+706-634-2415.

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