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WebEx Security

Security—the cornerstone of the WebEx MediaTone platform
Ensuring the privacy and security of each customer’s real-time information exchange over the WebEx MediaTone Network, the public Internet, and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is a critical element of WebEx's security policy. From design and development, to deployment and maintenance security is a core focus for all parts of the infrastructure including the network, platform and services.

Firewall support
WebEx is based on the T.120 data conferencing standard and is deployed on a distributed system of high speed conferencing servers. When a customer enters a WebEx meeting, the WebEx client communicates with the conferencing server to establish a reliable, secure connection. When establishing this connection, the client first attempts to connect using TCP port 1270. If this port is blocked by a firewall, the client will tunnel the communications using HTTP port 80. Establishing communications in this manner eliminates the need to reconfigure firewalls to take advantage of the meeting center. This helps ensure compliance with corporate firewall policies for optimal security. The WebEx client is firewall friendly and will work seamlessly with proxy servers and firewall deployments.

Data Security
The Communiqué Conferencing meeting center powered by WebEx is a highly secure platform. Meeting contents are never sent in clear text. Meeting data, including application sharing, desktop sharing and documents are encoded/decoded in a proprietary format. To be readable the data must be decoded in sequence with the appropriate header information. Additionally WebEx uniquely identifies session participants with unique session ID's that ensure that a third party cannot reassemble meeting content. These techniques make it practically impossible for an eavesdropper to reconstruct a WebEx meeting from the outside. The WebEx conferencing servers that make all this possible have also been designed with security in mind. They act as information switches, holding meeting data only as long as it takes to ensure that each meeting participant has a timely and valid copy. Dynamic meeting content displayed during a session originates from the presenters PC and attendees see only a representation of this data. At the end of the meeting all such representations dissipate leaving only the original copy on the presenters PC. Combining this method of handling data, with secure physical server access for the WebEx servers, yields a system that does not open up any new security concerns for our valued customers. We also offer a secure end-to-end SSL for added security.

In-Meeting Security Options
There are a number of options available in each of the services to enhance security. All the security options can be configured by the presenter who has complete control over attendee privileges.

Facilities Security
WebEx meeting services are provided by points of presence (POPs) in various geographic locations. All Both WebEx facilities are extremely secure. This includes physical access, access to equipment and the network

Security Summary :

  • System Architecture—WebEx Mediatone and the services are specifically architected without the need for persistent storage of any meeting data within the WebEx infrastructure. Dynamic meeting content displayed during a WebEx session originates only from a Presenter's desktop. Attendees see only graphical representations of this data.

  • Firewall Compatibility—WebEx services can communicate through standard HTTP and secure SSL ports. Customers are not required to reconfigure their firewalls to enable online meetings.
  • Authentication—WebEx provides a secure framework for conducting live, interactive meetings. Added security elements include: password protected meetings, visual identification, invitation only meetings, locked and unlisted meetings.

  • Encryption—WebEx never sends meeting content in clear text. Data is transmitted to and from clients to the WebEx servers using WebEx proprietary data format. Secure end-to-end SSL is available for added security.

For more information download the WebEx Security White Paper.


“WebEx has pulled away to become the leader in multimedia business communications. And the switched network infrastructure approach—uniquely in MediaTone—is architecturally the only way to provide the greatest security, assure service quality, and deliver ‘dial tone’ reliability.”

–Peter Kastner
Chief Research Officer, Aberdeen Group



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