Adobe Connect Marketo Integration

Adobe Connect, a best of breed webinar software platform, has partnered with Marketo, a best of breed marketing automation platform, to create an integration that helps Marketo clients stream marketing automation.

March 2014 Marketo rolled out an enhancement to their Adobe Connect adapter that provides for seamless, one-click access to Adobe Connect meeting and seminar rooms via Marketo communications.

User Experience Enhancements

A user can now register for an Adobe Connect Webinar and simply click on the hyperlink included in the registration confirmation and/or reminder and be pushed directly into Adobe Connect.

No more digging through inboxes to locate a login and password, no more confusion around what gets entered where, and no more bad data.

Big Data and Back End Enhancements

For you, the marketer, this adapter will allow you to manage your webinar events, push registration information captured on a Marketo landing page to Adobe Connect, and pull attendance information automatically into a Marketo event.

Adobe Connect Marketo Integration

How to Get Started

The Adobe Connect adapter is native to Marketo and doesn’t require any additional purchase. Find it as a new service in your Admin panel. Resources:

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