Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom vs Meeting

Adobe Connect Virtual ClassroomSince selling and supporting Adobe Connect for over 14 years, one of the most frequent questions from prospective clients is what is the difference between Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom vs. meeting license.  Most clients perceive the need to purchase the Virtual Classroom License because of the name.  However, most clients just need either a Meeting license or Webinar license.  All three licenses can be used to deliver live training classes. This post is intended to help explain the differences in order to help clients choose the right solution. If you are interested in pricing please visit our Adobe Connect pricing page.

Below has a feature comparison of Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom vs Meeting license.  Essentially the Virtual Classroom license contains all of the  of the features included in the Meeting Host license, with three additions (a) the added ability to access to create custom attendee registration landing pages so that attendees can self-register, receive confirmation email and reminders view a demo video (b) Virtual Classroom licenses allow up to 200 attendees per meeting (vs. 100 with Meetings) (c) the ability to create course and curriculum’s with prerequisites and test outs.

Click here to download a printable PDF version of the feature comparison.

 License Type Meeting License
Webinar License
Virtual Classroom
Maximum connections per meeting 100 100, 500, 1,000 or 1,500 200
Features Before Your Meeting
Create a Custom and Permanent meeting URL
Outlook & Lotus Notes E-Mail Integration
Online Attendee Self-Registration Pages and Reminder e-Mails
Custom Branding
Training and 24x7x365 Live Support
Features During Your Meeting
Mobile support – present or attend meetings from mobile devices
Power Point Presentation & Document Sharing
Desktop, Software Application & Web Browser Sharing
Customizable Meeting Templates & Layouts
White Board Sharing
Promote Any Attendee a Co-Presenter
Remote Mouse Control  (Desktop Support)
Share Notes During a Meeting
Chat and Online Q&A
Polling and Surveys
Handouts Distribution/File Transfer
Webcam (Multiple) Sharing
Breakout Rooms
Share Pre-recorded Video Clip
Two-Way or One-Way VoIP Audio
Audio Telephone Bridge Integration
Secure Login & Content Encryption
Recording  (both audio and web) W/Hosted Replay
Live 24x7x365 Live Technical Support
After Your Meeting
Unlimited Storage for Recording Replay or Download MP4 File
Meeting Reports (Attendees, Poll Results, Q&A, etc.)
Training Management
Course and Curricula Creation and Management
Learner Tracking & Certification


So there you have it.  We hope that this post was helpful with explaining all of the different Adobe Connect licensing models and terminology.  If you have any questions or if you would like help with Adobe Connect Pricing you can contact us directly and we’ll do all we can to help.


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