Best Conference Call Service

Why Communique Conferencing is the best conference call service


Best Conference Call ServiceMeetings with employees, colleagues, partners and customers are a necessary part of running a business. But face-to-face meetings aren’t always possible. That’s why choosing the best conference call service is imperative.

Communique enables you to host conference calls from anywhere at any time via any device. Making meetings easy and affordable, Communique Conferencing eliminates unnecessary cost and complexity associated with conference calls.

  • Low prices with no set up fee or monthly fee
  • 24/7/365 live support: Eight global operations centers are staffed to with over 700 live support professionals.  Instant, in-call support is also available by pressing *0.
  • Reliable Service: Redundant conference call facilities are distributed worldwide throughout seven (7) cities in the United States, three (3) cities in Canada, and six (6) cities international . The service is delivered 100% over the traditional phone network (no VoIP) which means the quality is crystal clear and reliable (99.95 up time).
  • Web Controls: Start and manage your conference call online or from your mobile device. Mute and unmute all or specific participants, drop a caller, sub-conferencing, lock the call to prevent more participants from joining, record the call and more.
  • Custom Branding: We can private brand your conference calling greeting to promote your company as attendees join your calls. Click here to listen to a sample branded reservationless call prompt.


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