Branded Conference Call

A branded conference call greeting helps your company stand-out

branded conference call serviceA great way to make a good first impression on your conference call attendees is by welcoming them with your own custom branded conference call greeting with your company name. This not only gives your attendees peace of mind, letting them know they’ve reached the right place, but it also helps your company stand out out as a more professional.

The way it works is pretty simple, when an attendee dials into the reservationless conference call service, the caller will hear your custom greeting “Welcome to the XYZ Company conference call center, please enter your pin code followed by the pound sign.”

Conference call custom greetings can be professionally recorded by our voice over talent, so the prompts are heard in the same manner as all of our other prompts, for a more natural call flow. Simply provide the message you would like on your custom conference call service greeting and we’ll pass it on to our voice over talent to record.

If you’re a small, medium or global enterprise, branding your own conference line with your own company message will give your company instant credibility and helps build a trusted image for your business.

Click here to listen to a sample branded conference call prompt.  Click here for product information.

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