Fun Virtual Benefits Fair Ideas for Open Enrollment

HR benefits enrollment professionals know the biggest barrier to adoption is grabbing the attention of employees. Whether you’re on a large HR team for a global benefits rollout or a small business HR professional, HR gurus know that encouraging participation, attendance and, ultimately, enrollment is target result for a successful enrollment period.

To help you get the most of your virtual benefits fair platform and be a winner during HR benefits enrollment, here are some fun ideas for HR benefits enrollment and benefits rollout.

1. Create a benefits mascot to be the enrollment spokesperson for your company. Use this cartoon, character or business leader in all your communications, even going so far as creating an alias in the global address list so all messages are sent from him/her/it.

2. Record short, lighthearted and educational videos from HR staff to use in booths and other resource locations.

Virtual Benefits Fair

3. Incorporate gamification (badges, awards, social chatter, etc.) to promote competition and participation among employees.

Benefits Fair Games

4. Add a rewards location/room to encourage participation and ultimately enrollment. Locations and rooms can be timed to appear at certain points during the virtual benefits fair.

5. Bring in special guests (company executives, benefits experts, thought leaders) through Webinars, videos and online chats to answer questions, share best practices and provide support to the HR team.


6.Hide hidden pictures of executives with themed messages

7. Play with different media types (email, text, intranet, discussion forum, video, video conferencing) to meet users in their preferred method of communication.

8. Get people out of their comfort zones and into online chat forums. The odds are, if they’re emailing you a question, someone else in your company is asking the same thing but afraid to contact your team. By using online chat forums, other employees can find the answers they’re looking for easily (and save you time by only answering a question once).

9. Factor in Wellness programs – During open enrollment events Employees are reviewing and comparing a variety of factors when making this important decision, such as costs, benefits and care provider networks. Another component that crops up to the surprise of many workers? Wellness programs. Employers know that a healthy employee can make for a more productive, satisfied employee. And many workers want to improve their health and are often surprised to learn that employers offer wellness programs. That mutual interest is behind the rise of workplace wellness programs. The virtual benefits fair is also an ideal time for employers to offer a wellness program that supports their employees’ health and improve their well-being while reducing costs for employees and the company.

With all the changes happening in the world of health care, its more important than ever that your employees understand their options. These strategies will help you increase your enrollment and provide your employees with a personalized, fun and informative experience.

For more information visit Communique’s Virtual Benefits Fair platform website.

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