International Teleconferencing

Communiqué International Teleconferencing service enables participants located in any country to connect to your conference call using either a local or Toll Free access number. Access to over 93 countries are available. There is no contract, set up fee, monthly fee and no minimum usage requirement.

International Teleconferencing From Communique Conferencing – How it Works

Step 1: The teleconference leader and all attendees dial a Toll Free number or local from their country location and enter a passcode when prompted. Access numbers are available from 93 countries. Click here to view a complete list of available countries.

Step 2: All parties are automatically connected together after they enter their passcode.

Teleconference Keypad Commands

*0 Operator assistance – entire call international-teleconferencing
00 Operator assistance – leader only
*1 Dial-out to participants
*2 Record your teleconference
*3 Change entry/exit method (tone, name announce, or silence)
*4 Private attendee roll call
*51/#51 Lecture mode – Mute/unmute all lines except leader(s)
*6/#6 Mute/unmute – individual line
*7/#7 Lock/unlock conference
*8 Allow/disallow conference continuation
*9 Enable subconferencing
*99 Disconnect all lines except speakers
*# Hear a participant count

Reliable Service Backed by Fanatical Support

Communique Conferencing is the global teleconference service leader. With 99.99% up time and 24x7x365 support, you can rely on Communique to for HD quality sound. For 15 years, Communique has been delivering reliable teleconference services to over 34,000 uses in over 34 countries.



Conference Record

Press *2 to record a teleconference or with one click using the online web interface.

Web Interface

Control your teleconference right from your computer with active talker, mute/unmute, dial out to add attendees, break out room control and chat.

Mobile Apps

Host or join teleconferences from iPhone, Android or Blackberry devices. Leaders can control nearly every aspect of your call.

In-Call Customer Service

Communique teleconferencing comes with 24/7 worldwide support.

Online Account Management

To easily manage your account. Add, modify and remove staff instantly. Also, view and pay invoices online.

MS Outlook Integration

Integration with Microsoft Outlook for calendar integration.

Account Codes

Track conference calls by project, department or location. The information will appear on your monthly invoice as a summary report.

Available 24/7/365

Our reservationless teleconference service enables you to host conference calls anytime with up to 300 callers. No need for a reservation.

Security Options

Ensure your teleconferences are secure with security passcode, lock/unlock, entrance/exit and name announce options.