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Communique moderated conference call service is ideal for large group conference calls including; investor relations calls, press briefings and corporate announcements. Our reliable technology and staff of 1,700+ operators ensures flawless moderated conference call execution. Professional event moderators and support personnel help manage your conference call every step of the way from planning, rehearsal, delivery to follow up.

Why Clients Choose Us For Flawless Moderated Conference Calls

  • Honest Billing With NO Hidden Fees: Our rates are 40% less on average and we are one of the only providers that does NOT charge extra fees for unused lines or per call minimums.
  • Flawless Conference Call Execution: An experienced team of operators combined with redundant conference call facilities are dispersed worldwide throughout seven (7) cities in the United States, three (3) cities in Canada, and six (6) cities international ensuring reliable 99.9% up-time.  Up to 10,000+ callers supported.
  • Fanatical Customer Service: Working hard 24x7x365 to support you is more than our job. It’s who we are. Our driving purpose is to take care of your conference calls and to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

Additional Features Include:

  • Speaker sub-conference
  • Dial in our dial out access options. For international attendees we offer international conference call access from 107 countries.
  • Attendee reporting
  • Music hold or upload a custom announcement
  • Professionally voice talent operators
  • Q&A session
  • Web-based call manager
  • Transcription service is available if you need a written record of the call
  • Recording with several playback options (online streaming, MP3, CD ROM, tape, or toll-free dial-in number)

What is a Moderated Conference Call?

Moderated conference calls are normally large-sized calls that are moderated by a team of operators. Also known as Operator Assisted conference calling, this conference call service provides enhanced attendee management and call controls. For more details on what a moderated conference call is, read this article.

When to Use Moderated Conference Calls

  • Conference calls that have a large number of participants.
  • Earnings conference calls
  • If the organizer needs a participant report (names or other information) of the the participants that joined the call.
  • If the organizer needs a managed question & answer session where the operator unmutes individual phone lines for questions.
  • For calls that require a more polished experience, including custom greetings, Q&A, and additional in-event support

Host Critical Moderated Conference Calls with Confidence

Experience matters. Communique is the large moderated conference call leader. With 99.99% up time, 24/7 support, and over 1,700 operators on staff, you can rely on Communique to execute flawless moderated conference calls. Over 34,000 uses in over 34 countries trust Communique for their important conversations.


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