When you should use an operator assisted conference call service?

What is an operator assisted conference call?Operator assisted conference calls are typically larger audio conferencing events managed by a live operator. Also known as moderated audio conferencing, this conference call service comes with improved call management for larger-sized calls with enhanced controls.

Here are top reasons you should be using an operator-assisted conference call service:

  1. Participant reporting: Since participants are greeted by a live operator, they can capture the names and any other requested information from the callers for reporting purposes. The only information captured from a reservationless conference call service is the caller ID (phone number).
  2. Streamline Q&A on larger-sized calls: With an operator assisted conference call, participants press *1 on their telephone keypad to be added to the question queue. The operator unmutes each individual callers phone to allow for questions with no interruptions or background noise.
  3. Added security: An approved participant list can be provided prior to the call start time. The operators validate each caller against the list to ensure that there are no unwanted callers joined.
  4. Extra meeting management: An operator assisted conferencing service can streamline your conference call and help you keep your meeting on schedule. The operator acts as a personal assistant to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly and efficiently.

From high-profile events to weekly team calls, operator-assisted calls allow you to execute a flawlessly professional audio conference call every time so the host to focus on delivering quality content rather than worrying about the mechanics or logistics of the conference call.

Operator-assisted conferencing helps you streamline and manage your call without a hitch. It’s like having a personal assistant supporting you when you most need it.


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